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11 Reasons to Hire a (Under) Graduate Student

11 Reasons to Hire a (Under) Graduate Student

In this article, our Senior HR advisor, Daniel Williams, discusses why employers should look at hiring graduate and undergraduate students.


The country’s biggest graduate and undergraduate schemes are reaching the end of their admissions window and as deadlines approach for those looking to start this year, University graduates are starting to consider their options in an unusual set of circumstances. Although the undergrad and grad scheme places are set to drop from previous years, this is not bad news for employers who are looking to grow this year and those who have successfully managed to trade through the pandemic.


Here are some of the top 11 reasons to consider hiring Graduates and Undergraduates this year, even if you never have done before:


Enthusiasm – They tend to be keen to start their career, a new graduate will bring a boost of enthusiasm to your team (it may be their first full-time job so give their all)


Great Value – Starting salaries for graduates vary across industry and location, but the vast majority are more interested in the job than the salary and benefits.


Specialised Degrees – From Cyber Security to Mechanical engineering you will find PhD, Master’s and Bachelor Degree candidates with highly specialised skills available for work, although many get snapped up by the larger organisations so they can have development and growth, many would prefer to join a smaller firm


The Changing World – Business leaders are preparing themselves for different trading conditions and many are tweaking business models to improve their agility in the market.


New Perspectives – Undergraduates and graduates often have many ideas and will not be afraid to give you an outsider’s perspective on process and business practices, helping you see things you could not see before.


Training and Education – By nature Undergraduates and Graduates value education and opportunities to upskill, so if you need someone to take a course, learn some new tech or tackle a complicated task that requires effort, then look no further.


Short Term – Some graduates may be looking for one year contract before they go off travelling or move to a different city, so if you need someone who fits the criteria then look no further. Undergraduates may be looking for a gap year to gain experience on a ‘sandwich’ course, so they require a minimum of a one year fixed term contract, if the shoe fits!


Leavers are Inevitable – You can proactively start training someone before a vacancy appears for a smooth handover period.


eCommerce & Data Skills – With universities trying to solve skills shortages in these areas many 2020 graduates have an interest in Data and eCommerce, as they are taught skills in these areas on their course, as companies look to build their online business this year, tech-savvy graduates could be the answer.


Choice – Many graduate employers have reduced hiring volume and delayed their own graduate schemes this year, which means you may also benefit from a larger candidate pool.


New Faces – Now we are returning to work, are you looking at ways to motivate and re-engage your teams? New people will freshen up the office, even if you are still operating remotely, new faces on the video call always brighten up the time.


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