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People are at the heart of every company, which is why the role of Human Resources is vital to the success of any business.  If you have happy people, you ultimately have happy customers and clients.  This is why satisfying the needs of all your employees is a full-time job and why we live and breathe HR, we love our job as much as you do.  By taking the headache out of HR, you can grow your business as a result of building the right culture and creating the right structure to support your objectives.

With our team of experts on hand whenever you need us, we take care of our clients by taking a proactive and reactive approach to protecting their business and people.  We build relationships with our clients by getting to know their business and tailor our service to their individual needs.

No question is ever too small to ask or too difficult to resolve.

How we support your business

This is how we make a difference.

  • HR Advice Line

  • On-site HR Support

  • Legal Expenses Cover

  • Employment Documentation

  • A team assigned to your account

  • Pro-active support

  • HR Software

HR Advice Line

HR Advice Line

Employment law protects the relationship between employers and employees. It helps to guide business owners in what they can expect from employees and what employers can expect employees to do.  As well as this it provides employees with their rights at work.

Keeping up to date with the changes in employment law such as new and amended statutes and statutory rates can be a drain on resources. This includes the training and practices required from your HR function.  Our HR consultancy supports and guides you through the legal requirements, checks and processes involved in areas such as recruitment; the terms and conditions of employment; data protection; holidays, working hours and pay; maternity and parental rights; discrimination; discipline, grievance and dismissal procedures; whistleblowing; employment tribunals; TUPE; and redundancy.

HPC has been providing employment law services to businesses across the UK since 2007. We have a diverse, wide portfolio of clients, ensuring that we can tailor your advice to your business sector. All of our Consultants are experienced and qualified. Each client receives their own team of Consultants that are dedicated to looking after their HR needs. We pride ourselves on providing a personable approach to each client, as well as protecting their business with quality HR advice.  We are well practiced in this area of service, therefore we see it as essential for our clients to receive unlimited advice and support on the HR Advice Line.

On-site HR Support

On-site HR Support

We provide clients with as little or as much support as they need.  Some of our clients do not want to pay and/or need a full-time HR Director for their business, but they want a Senior Consultant to support them.  We can provide these clients with weekly on-site support from one of our experienced team.  This can be extremely cost-effective and impactful for the business without the headache of recruitment and retention.  We take that hassle away from you but ensure you have a dedicated HR Consultant that will manage your internal HR function for you.

Other clients that we work with have an internal HR team but may just need some additional support/peer review or legal technical expertise.  Again, we have many examples of how we have helped HR teams really thrive through our support in the background.

Legal Expenses Cover

Legal Expenses Cover

You can rest assured that if you follow the advice that HPC provides for you with any employee matter, we will cover any unwanted legal expenses incurred.  An Employment Tribunal can be very costly to an Employer in terms of time and money. Recent statistics from the EAT show that the Average Unfair Dismissal award is £13,541.  This does not include the solicitor’s fees and your precious time, which will equate to in excess of £30,000.

We provide a pro-active service that reduces any risk of an employee being able to file an Employment Tribunal claim.  However, should an employer find themselves in the unfortunate position of facing an Employment Tribunal, we will support you through the whole process.  Our legal expenses promise will provide you with cover for the preparation of your defence and advocacy work.  We have a team of Employment Law solicitors that specialise in Employment Tribunal work.

Employment Documentation

Employment Documentation

Documentation outlining an employee’s terms of work, such as employment conditions, duties, responsibilities and rights, along with the organisation’s ethos and values lay the foundations for a solid workplace relationship.

The types of policies and procedures you introduce will depend on the size and nature of your business. For example, if your staff operate machinery, we would advise implementing a specific policy on drugs and alcohol use. If most of your staff use computers, then you should create an email and internet policy. There are a number of benefits to implementing policies and procedures within your company.

Irrespective of industry or job role, all companies must be legally compliant. Inclusive documentation for all employees is evidence for an employer that all were aware of rules and regulations within the business. Similarly, these standards set a precedent for what your company represents as a whole.

We would strongly suggest for every organisation to have a company handbook in place and that it is readily accessible to all. HPC can work with you to create clear and accessible policies appropriate for your business, sticking to legal requirements. We will then keep you updated with any changes in legislation and amend your policies accordingly.

A team assigned to your account

A team assigned to your account

We specialise in providing high-quality, cost-effective Human Resource/Employment Law services to businesses.  Our highly qualified & experienced team can support your business. We assign each company their HR team who they will primarily have contact with; we appreciate the need for consistent advice and familiarity with your Advisors in order to deliver you the best guidance.

Pro-active support

Pro-active support

We are a HR consultancy that has worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors, and provided services for clients ranging from 1 employee up to 50,000 employees. This experience has proven to be so valuable; we have a team who know how and when to act in given situations.

HR Software

HR Software

We are proud partners of oneHR, a HR software that can help to manage all your HR admin. Click here to find out more about how it can help you and your business.

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