14 most boring professions revealed





A study by Emolument.com has revealed the top 14 most boring jobs, with legal jobs topping the poll with 81% of this particular workforce feeling bored in their day to day role. The study also defined the most bored countries, with the United Arab Emirates topping this poll.



Other professions that featured high on the list were jobs in finance, project management and consultancy; but how can boredom in these roles be more limited? After all, no one is working in law always for the thrill, but it can be a very well paying and respected profession.



Slice Leguay who is Co-Founder & COO at Emolument.com, gave some insight on her thoughts on how a businesses leadership has a big impact on employee or management motivation levels: ‘Boredom at work is a key issue for firms trying to keep Millennials engaged, especially in traditional industries, such as accounting and legal jobs, which can be perceived as dull, while employers attempt to give young employees the satisfaction of making an impact in their work life in order to prevent them from moving on too swiftly.

“Without an inspirational leadership figure, or an exciting professional challenge to motivate younger team members, boredom will quickly settle in.”



Darren Shimkus, VP and General Manager of Udemy for Business, also explained what employers need to provide their employees to stop boredom setting in as a major issue in the workplace: “Overwhelmingly, 80% of employees surveyed agree that learning new skills at work would make them more interested and engaged in their jobs. Employers should capitalise on that willingness to learn by providing opportunities for employees to be challenged and rewarded, and enjoy a sense of growth and momentum.” This data was found through his organisations research into the matter.




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Link to full article on this issue including full statistics on HR Grapevine: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/series-article-2017-02-17-14-most-boring-professions

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