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HR and Marketing are joining forces to drive careers at GSK

HR and Marketing are joining forces to drive careers at GSK


GSK has developed a closer collaboration between marketing and HR to create a Capability and Early Talent Programme in order to train and retain key staff.  For example, within their marketing department, who look after the many brands that GlaxoSmithKlein produce, they want to attract key marketers into the business and support them with a structured and tailored development programme.  This helps to define brand identity and create customer-centric company culture, as well as helping to nurture and develop future leaders.


Their Early Talent Programme helps monitor the progress of their teams in the right way, by entering them into rotations around the business brands with the aim of motivating and making their roles enjoyable, which means they retain them within the company.


At GSK, People and Performance is a top priority for GSK which comes from the top down and HR and Marketing are united in delivering that.



To learn how you can build a company culture that aims to attract and retain key talent, please contact a member of our team: 0844 800 5932 or email


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