3 costly mistakes new managers can’t afford to make




Best-selling author and associate director for the Motivation Science Center at Columbia University Business School, Heidi Grant Halvorson shared her top 3 mistakes new managers make. The list appeared in her column for Harvard Business Review. Managers relationship with staff, skill set and overall personality are crucial to the success of a business, good HR management means productivity and the ability to retain is greatly improved.



1. Overconfidence

Overconfident managers, particularly those who are new to a role, can have a negative impact. They can set unrealistic goals, talk more than they actually achieve and become unpopular among colleagues. According to Halvorson it is better for new managers to come into the role with modesty but with quiet confidence about how they work and use their skills.



2. Lacking emotions

Employees need to feel like the manager has their back and crucial to the role is building that trust with your workforce, rather than seem weak you seem like you are reliable and loyal to them. However you must get the balance right, if you encourage too much employee input you could seem incompetent for the position.



3. Being too emotional!

It is crucial managers always remain professional, this includes keeping clam in heated situations or making rash judgements. If you are too emotional employees will have difficulty trusting you, lack of self control indicates a lack of discipline. Although everyone has emotions and you may want to react in certain ways, do your best not to act on these impulses for the benefit of employees and yourself.




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