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Office Environment – Employee’s aren’t satisfied with their work office environment

Office Environment – Employee’s aren’t satisfied with their work office environment

The way we work is changing and as a result of technology, it provides businesses with a more flexible approach to working. No longer are we shackled to the desk, we can roam or work from home.


A survey gathered research from 600 people found out that 64% didn’t enjoy coming into work every day. The work office environment is believed to have a large impact on employee satisfaction. However, 50% of UK workers said their employer has never asked them how happy they are with the work office environment.


Peldon Rose, a work place and office design consultant, conducted the research and also found out that 42% of UK workers believe their office environment has no positive impact on their happiness.


Nearly a third (30%) of respondents felt they were more productive when working at home. This is a large percentage figure and could cause problems for your business if they don’t offer the option for employees to work from home. Employees could potentially look for a new job elsewhere if the work office environment isn’t changed.


However, having a good relationship with your colleagues and bosses contributes a large amount to their satisfaction. Employers need to see how they can use this as an opportunity to create a happy workplace. Exploring what is valuable to staff members at work will help to increase their engagement and productivity. This will overall help to benefit the business. To do this, you would have to gather information and conduct employee surveys. This could be seen as time consuming for some businesses, but there is the option of collecting this information on internal communication platforms or even social media accounts.


When looking to increase productivity, sitting an average worker next to a star performer could be the simplest trick. Also, a change in the seating plan could increase productivity by 10%.


In addition, employee happiness can be increased by involving them in various different decision-making processes. This will make the worker feel a part of the business and their views and opinions appreciated and valued.


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