Bus company closes down after owner cannot bear to work with his employees

Bus company closes down after owner cannot bear to work with his employees

Nippy Bus has suddenly closed down due to the owner blaming the fact he cannot bear working with his employees. Staff members found out of the organisations closure through a message from their director, Sydney Hardy, who has also reportedly refused to discuss any further about the message.


As a result of the company’s closure, 27 full and part time workers have been made redundant. The bus company had 17 buses and operated out of Martock in Somerset, with services in Yeovil, Ilminster, Wincanton and Glastonbury.


Steve Atkins, 61, was a drive for Nippy Bus and said all workers were “in total shock” and “nobody expected it”. He also revealed that Hardy “didn’t have a good relationship” with his employees prior to the closure. The redundant employees are still hoping they will be paid for the hours they have worked for in October.


Somerset County Council was given no notice prior to the bus company’s decision to close. Around 300 students were impacted upon the company’s closure as they relied on their services. Other bus operators and council officers have managed to find replacement services for all routes on the day of the closure (30th October) and for the following day. They are also working together to make permanent arrangements as soon as possible.


The bus company was supposedly struggling due to a number of their drivers leaving Nippy Bus and joining their competitors, such as Stagecoach and FirstBus. However, Somerset bus company Taylor’s Coach Travel has already said it will accept job applications from all former employees at Nippy Bus.


How to get to know your employees better…

There are many different ways an employer can get to know their employees. An employer could look at implementing an ‘open-door policy’ into their business. This is simply when a manager has their door open to every employee. This encourages open communication, feedback and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee. This policy helps to develop trust between the employer and employee. Employees won’t need to worry about discussing concerns, making suggestions or asking questions.


Employer could also look at spending time with their employees outside of the office. Organising social events is a great way for employers to get to know their employees outside of work as they can relax and not worry about anything relating to work.


Employers could also recognise their staff member’s achievements. This will increase the employee’s satisfaction, whilst their hard work and efforts have been recognised by their employer.


Another way to get to know your employees better would be to support them with their work, for example with clients. This would increase their trust in you and will encourage a flow of communication because you are taking an interest in their work.


No doubt if Sydney Hardy took note of the above, Nippy Bus may have not closed down, because he would have enjoyed working with his employees.


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