4 ways to appreciate your employees effectively




Following employee appreciation day last week, Monster.co.uk revealed some statistics showing that 54% of employees feel unappreciated in the workplace.



The survey also revealed that over half of employees do not feel thanked enough for their hard work, supported by the fact that 41% of bosses acknowledge that they do not express gratitude towards their employees frequently enough.



With today marking Employee Appreciation Day, organisations up and down the country should reflect on recognising the contribution and achievements of their employees.



In light of the occasion, Robert Ordever, European People and Operations Director at employee recognition specialist, O.C Tanner, gave us his top tips for showing appreciation to employees.



Be authentic

“I think the key thing is appreciation and recognition needs to be authentic.

“This doesn’t mean chasing happiness, because as much as it makes us feel nice, if it isn’t authentic, it’s short lived. Linking recognition to the company strategy and values is a place to start.

“You cannot drive people to be engaged, it is a voluntary state – so making it a business focus around business results and values is really important.”



Be personal

“I know in the past I have been guilty of saying things like ‘everyone has done a great job’ or ‘well done guys’, but truthfully, it loses impact.

“However, you can make it personal, by picking out the individuals and identifying what they have done well. In turn, this educates people about what ‘great’ looks like.

“In the style of recognition, keep it personal – not everyone likes it to be public. Some employees really like a thank you email to have the main Board Directors copied in, while some may really cringe at the thought. You just need to think about the individual.”

“I think the same goes for tangible recognition, sometimes managers can fall guilty of thinking they know what everyone likes – but everyone is different. Making the way you present recognition is important.”



Be timely

“I don’t think that creating a recognition culture of great work necessarily works if you celebrate it through an annual banquet – we don’t do that in our personal lives. Being timely with your thank you’s really makes a difference.”



Be aware of the positive impact

“I am a believer that greatness is contagious.

“If people see what great looks like and their work is celebrated, people want some of that. Again, every step of the way you are reinforcing the values of the business, what’s important and the fact that people are appreciated.”




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Link to article on this issue via HR grapevine: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/news-2017-03-03-4-ways-to-show-genuine-gratitude-to-employees

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