5 shocking reasons that made employees quit on the spot

A common theme on our website is how when management show good quality leadership it benefits the whole company, none has ever been successful without a firm but understanding and approachable boss. Here are the top 5 most shocking reasons an employee has quit their job;




1. Not being given time off to bury their mother

An employee asked for time off to bury his mother, after being refused the manager then asked them to come back into his office. He reconsidered and decided that he would give the employee just half the day off.



2. Manager has a date

A staff member at McDonald’s was asked to clean up grease at the end of a shift so that the manager could go to her date. The staff member was not given the right equipment to do this job, a bag split open covering the floor in food waste, the manager told them to stay after hours to clean the mess. The employee quit on the spot but was called the next day by another manager and re-instated to their position, the manager at fault was fired.



3. Customer spitting in face

An employee at a food canteen had food spat in their face by an angry customer, together with some of the food still in their mouth. Needless to say the customer quit the job.



4. Mascot walks to work in heat

A mascot was forced to travel to work by walking an hour in 40-degree heat, return home because it was too hot to be working outside, then was called by the manager to return to work again. The job involved standing in the heat all day wearing the boiling hot mascot costume and the employee had no choice but to quit given the lack of care for their well-being.



5. Employer’s offspring gives star-employee warning

A reliable delivery man was forced to quit when he was verbally attacked for being late by the daughter of the business owners, who had a reputation for being lazy and trying to have authority over staff. This was the only time the employee was late, and by just three minutes, they had no issues finding another job and the family-run coffee shop daughters parents weren’t too happy they had lost their best worker.



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Link to full article on HR Grapevine: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/news-2017-02-20-5-shocking-reasons-that-made-employees-quit-on-the-spot-2

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