90% believe new leadership is necessary for gender equality




90% of company workers believe new forms of leadership are necessary to increase gender quality, according to research results from Toluna. The survey was carried out incorporating results taken from 1,554 UK-based men and women as part of a wider scheme to increase the influence and numbers of women across company leadership.



“Lateral leadership” has emerged as a new trend that challenges traditional ideas of leadership in the workplace according to new research commissioned by Omnicom to mark its third annual Omniwomen UK Summit – part of a wider initiative that aims to increase the number and influence of women in leadership positions across the company.



According to the study of men and women in the UK, 84% agree that inspiring leadership is born out of passion for the organisation, combined with a personal sense of purpose.  Indeed more than half (54%) feel the traditional idea that champions a separation of work and home in leadership roles is outdated and an overwhelming 90% of people believe that a new form of leadership is the key to gender equality in the workplace.



Seamlessly bringing together a personal passion with career drive could be the key to women reaching career aspirations. 77% feel that those who make successful leaders relish in an aspect of their job that feeds directly into their sense of purpose, whether that is mentoring other staff members, or caring for the environment.



The research also found that nine out of ten people (86%) agree that making time for their passions enables them to be their best self at work while just over three quarters (78%) feel they are already able to be their authentic self at work, demonstrating the significant impact of recent cultural changes among employers. In more good news, 80% of people feel the workplace today is more geared towards women being successful than it was a decade ago.




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