Apprentices lacking support from line managers

Apprentices lacking support from line managers


Research from The Open University have found that 20% of apprentices lack adequate support from their line manager, with a quarter of firms never having considered taking on an apprentice.


In Focus: The Work-based Learning Dividend surveyed 600 learning and development leaders and more than 300 apprentices, interns and trainees. It found that while 93% of employers had good intentions to fully integrate learning into the workplace, in reality just 15% managed to achieve this.


Additionally, almost half (45%) of apprentices said that they did not have enough time to study, despite the new apprenticeship standards requiring that at least 20% of working hours are ringfenced for off-the-job training.


Jane Daly, co-author and head of strategic insights at Towards Maturity, said businesses should strive towards becoming “learning organisations”. Separate research from Adecco has found that 25% of UK organisations have never considered taking on apprentices.


The survey of over 1,000 employers found that 27% thought an apprenticeship qualification is not well suited to their business needs. The idea that apprenticeships require too much time from the management team put off 18%, and the worry that they are too much of a long-term commitment in the current market was a concern for 11%.



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