Are 70% of UK staff only one step from resignation?




A recent GCS recruitment survey has found that up to 70% of workers in the UK are passive jobseekers, meaning that as they continue in their current roles they are open to considering new positions.

This fact, along with other troubling statistics, show that employee satisfaction may not be in the best of health as employees face the problem of blurred lines between their home and work lives;

  • 21% of bosses insist that employee are able to be contacted at home for work related purposes.
  • 62% of employees are unhappy with their benefits package.
  • 68% of employers think hot desking has a negative impact on productivity.
  • 59% of companies increased flexible working in 2016.
  • 48% of say their colleagues make their company a great place to work.
  • 44% of those surveyed said that working from home would be the work perk that would have biggest positive impact on their life.

There is a chance that employers could face a raft of resignations over the coming months if these issues aren’t addressed. Bosses with bad habits and institutional straight jackets stopping more progressive practices are creating a number of issues that can be resolved through careful consideration.



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