Are employees putting a halt on their own progression and shying away from training?

Are employees putting a halt on their own progression and shying away from training?


Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. It’s very easy for employees to get into a routine – completing the same tasks each week and hitting the same deadlines each month. Where in this schedule does progress and development come into play? There could be a large pot of funding for training readily available for these employees but are they willing to dip their hand in, in fear of disrupting the status quo, are employees letting their development stagnate in fear of a new challenge or the additional tasks and responsibilities that may come with a more advanced role?


Encouraging employees to take on training courses or to seek further learning to advance their role should be near the top of your priority list as an employer. Why? Encouraging training will keep your employees engaged, bring a greater field of knowledge into your business and prevent employees from becoming complacent in their role, doing only the bare minimum needed to get by.


It’s important to consider what factors may be holding an employee back from seeking further development:


They don’t see the need to progress –  An employee’s contract outlines a list of roles, responsibilities and targets. If an employee is hitting these targets and completing any set tasks they may struggle to see the need to undertake any training that will have them going above and beyond their set workload.


They aren’t aware of what training opportunities are available – An employee may not even know what training may be available to them, having management feed this information to their staff can help boost development within your organisation.


They fear a lack of knowledge may be exposed – Training can outline just how much an employee knows about their role, it’s content and its effect on the success of your company. An employee lacking in knowledge may shy away from training in order to spare themselves embarrassment or the exposure of the gaps in their knowledge.


Having development as a key component and well ingrained into your company culture is an essential to the success of your business, reducing turnover and the quality of the services offered.


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