Are UK millenials the ‘abandoned generation’ in the workplace?


Millennials in the UK feel that they are being denied the same opportunities as previous generations according to research by Peakon.

Career prospects for those 34 and younger are much worse as they have graduated into the worst UK economy in living memory. Peakon surveyed over 5,500 workers in their study and 37% of the younger age group feel their opportunities are significantly limited, whereas the majority of 45-64 year olds are positive about their career progression.

Co-founder of Peakon, Dan Rogers explained how crucial the start of a career is and how the economy is important to that: “The first ten years of employment are the most crucial in defining career success. During this time, young workers experience 70% of their total salary growth, have the opportunity to move jobs, gain vital experience, and cement a career path. With a weak economy, you are robbed of this opportunity.”



This generation is the first to earn less than the previous, ambitious millennials have been denied important early development and many have been pushed into lower skilled work




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