Bus driver sacked after posting Snapchat videos during work

An employee has come under fire after posting a series of videos of himself using several different Snapchat filters at work.

Leon Morrow, the former bus driver from Inverclyde, Scotland, was fired from his job after his managers discovered a treasure trove of clips filmed whilst he was supposedly at work.

The videos include bizarre shots of himself using Snapchat to give himself lipstick and eyeshadow, as well as one short clip where he giggles uncontrollably as an eccentric passenger leaves his bus.

The 25-year-old was asked to leave his position with McGill’s Bus Company, based in Greenock, after several people complained when he uploaded the videos to Facebook.

One commentator, Kate Sneddon, wrote beneath the clip: “I hope he gets the f****** sack for driving and using his mobile…and also taking the piss out of a very independent woman who has a disability.”

Another wrote: “This is sad, she obviously has special needs. Taking the piss is just plain wrong.”

However, some people managed to see the funny side, with one Facebook user saying: “Aww it’s wee Margaret. She gets the bus just around the corner from me. If you’re ever on the same bus as her, she will talk the hind legs off you.”

Since his career in the transport industry came to an abrupt end, Morrow has taken his plight to online investing site GoFundMe. He’s set up his own page entitled ‘Help a now jobless brother out’ and is asking people for donations.

He explains on the website: “I posted a very harmless video on Facebook of a sweet old lady who gets on my bus and she responded perfectly with me.

“The video soon got thousands of shares and thousands of views. But then my work caught fire of what was going on and I was asked to resign leaving me helpless as a slug in salt.”

So far, Morrow has raised £115 out of an expected £1,000.


Story via – http://www.hrgrapevine.com/markets/hr/article/2016-04-29-bus-driver-sacked-after-posting-snapchat-videos-during-work

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