Candidate rejected via mocking text containing emoji




The interview process is crucial to both a business and the individual vying for the position, as such feedback is important and if a company can provide this it can help someone correct the flaws in their interview technique. It’s not considered normal to text someone feedback and even less so to use the crying with laughter emoji, which is what one Leicestershire based company did to a prospective employee.


The woman interviewed, named Megan Dixon, also says that the interviewer behaved unprofessionally throughout their interaction, with little attention to detail such as not even having Miss Dixon’s CV to hand. The Leicestershire company has apologised publicly to Miss Dixon and says to text was originally sent in error to the candidate.


It is important to show all candidates respect, both during and after the interview process has finished, even if you decide against hiring them for your company. People use interviews as a way to review themselves and it is crucial that you help hem find employment in future, this episode will leave a mark on this businesses reputation particularly in the local area.


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