Work related stress

Don’t let work related stress define your life

Don’t let work related stress define your life

Work related stress should not define your work or home life if the correct measurements are taken.


Throughout the course of employment it is certain that at one point an employee will experience work related stress and therefore it is necessary to raise awareness in order to prevent employees taking stress home with them. In a recent survey by Health and Safety Executive, it noted that 44% of people are stressed due to their work load. This gives a clear indicator that a significant proportion of the UK’s adult population currently in employment endure pressures at work. To ensure that the stress does not transform into a long term mental health illness, it is vital that employees find mechanisms to relieve stress.


Despite a number of the working population saying they are suffering with work-related stress, a survey by Obby discovered that only 52% of them have taken steps to relieve stress. Adding to this is that 68% of people said that they do not have enough time in their week to accommodate stress relief exercises.


Can employers help employees with stress?


Due to the large hours that employees are working in an average week, is it time that employers start to do more to benefit their staff?


According to the survey carried out by Obby only 19% of employees said that their workplace offers healthy and effective ways to de-stress at work. It is therefore apparent that more measurements need to be taken in order to benefit the working population in order to combat the constant stress which can have a detrimental effect on mental health.


Some common ways that employers can help employees with stress is through the use of a ‘chill out’ zone, enabling employees to feel comfortable and relaxed. Another method used by businesses is the inclusion of social events throughout the year such as staff activities in order to reduce stress but also bond with colleagues.


Other more unusual methods are sometimes used by employers to aid employees with stress and one of these approaches is by putting greenery in and around the office, with a survey by the University of Technology in Sydney stating that 37% felt a reduction in tension and anxiety and 58% felt a reduction in depression and dejection as a result of shrubbery in the workplace.


How can employees help themselves with stress relief?


Having a stressful job does not mean that the stress needs to be transferred into your life outside of work and there are numerous ways in which stress relief is possible. The two most common approaches to de-stress are by exercising or spending time with family and friends, although only 44% of people said they de-stressed using physical exertion and only 35% said family and friends were used as a method of stress relief.


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