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Employee wellbeing can lead to a happy and healthy brand

Employee wellbeing can lead to a happy and healthy brand

A happy employee can result in a direct positive experience for customers and clients, which is the approach fitness wear retailer Sweaty Betty has adopted, by putting employee wellbeing at the heart of their HR strategy.  Working at Sweaty Betty is promised as more than a job, it’s a lifestyle, and they have won awards to prove it.


Sweaty Betty not only have a healthy attitude, they promise to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness which is a message that is promoted both internally and externally.  They are passionate about active living.  They not only take fitness for the body seriously, they take care of the mind by running a number of onsite seminars tackling issues such as the importance of sleep, financial health, advice for parents, and mindfulness.


In order to live an active lifestyle, Sweaty Betty promotes the importance of reclaiming your lunchtime and run a mid-week lunchtime yoga session in order to create some time for their people in the middle of the day.  In addition, they have a weekly running club of a Monday to start the week on the right note.


In order to accommodate their employee’s healthy hobbies and habits, they provide their people with flexible working and they have the option to start work anytime between 8am – 10am, which gives employees no excuse not to lace up and workout.  They also support and award their people with their personal goals and celebrate their achievements in their internal newsletter.


Investment in a wellness programme like Sweaty Betty’s has proven to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and retain talent.  It is just one story where a brand has invested in their people, which is a subsequent investment in their customers and clients.


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