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Employers Want Staff in Offices Despite Productivity Gains From Hybrid Work

Employers Want Staff in Offices Despite Productivity Gains From Hybrid Work

Employers have reported increased productivity from hybrid working, but research has found that 25% want staff to be in the office full time.

A Difference in Opinion is Emerging

The CIPD has recently found that a potential difference in opinion is emerging between the working preferences of organisations and their employees. A quarter of employers in the UK want their employers to be in the office or on-site full time, whilst almost two in five (39%) of employees would like to work from home all or most of the time.

These findings come despite a reported increase in the number of employers seeing an increase in employee productivity whilst working remotely or in a hybrid system. Just over 40% of organisations polled in October and November 2021 stated that the new ways of working had increased productivity or efficiency, up from 33% of all organisations the year previously.

‘Employers Should Collaborate on Hybrid Systems’

The research, published by the CIPD and involving almost 2000 employers, also uncovered a decrease in the proportion of organisations stating that home or hybrid working had negatively impacted productivity with 18% stating this in 2021 compared to 23% in 2020.

The CIPD has encouraged organisations to begin to work and collaborate with employees to develop and implement flexible and hybrid working systems after 63% of the 2,166 employees polled in January and February 2022 claimed that their employer had not asked them about their future working practices.

In addition to this, a quarter of employees polled admitted their concern about being treated unfavourably if they worked from home or a hybrid working system. Furthermore, nearly half (48%) of UK employers recognized that there is a potential risk for those home or hybrid working regarding inclusion in the workplace.

Hybrid Working will Help Retain Talent

Claire McCartney, the CIPD’s Senior Policy Advisor for Resourcing and Inclusion stated that “This is a crucial moment for flexible working, but a mismatch on expectations and an ad-hoc approach could set back progress” and believed that, “Employers who listen and are open to testing, learning and adapting will benefit from a more diverse workforce and the ability to retain and attract a wide range of talent. This is particularly crucial at a time when the labour market is so tight.

McCartney continued “Everyone should have the chance to benefit from more choice about when, where and how they work. This can lead to increased wellbeing and engagement, and enhanced performance, all of which can lead to the productivity gains many employers are reporting.”

The CIPD has also advised employers to ensure they have transparent policies that outline eligibility and access to hybrid working. It is essential that organisations ensure these policies are inclusive and equal opportunities for learning and development and reward and recognition are available for employees regardless of when, and where they work, or their role in the organisation.

The HR body has also called for all employees to receive the right to flexible working from their first day within an organisation. At this current time, employees are only entitled to a right to request a hybrid working system after six months of continuous employment within the business. The CIPD has argued that this can discourage employees from diverse groups from applying to new roles.

Introduce Hybrid Working

If you are looking to implement a home or hybrid working system in your business it is essential to be aware of the possible implications both positive and negative this decision can bring. It is also important to ensure you and your business follow all the rules and regulations surrounding Hybrid working.

If you require assistance, our team of expert HR and H&S consultants are here to help. We can provide you with quality advice and guidance and keep you up to date with any new rules and regulations that may arise as hybrid working systems become more common in businesses.

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