Facebook extends leave for grieving employees


Business insider has reported that Facebook has announced it will be extending its paid bereavement leave, which now extends up to 20 days for an immediate family member and 10 days for extended family.


This extension also covers caring for a sick relative which now extends to a period of six weeks, with shorter term leave to care for family members with short term illnesses like flu.


These steps, taken by such a large and successful company, send out a message to other businesses that employee productivity is heavily linked to these type of measures being introduced. If the worst should happen employees must feel supported by their work or they can have serious issues in getting back to work. The California-based company are in Glassdoor’s top three ranked organisations globally for employee compensation and benefits, this is a ranking-system which is compiled from anonymous voluntary testimonials.


This news comes after research that has found that almost half of HR departments do not have agreed policies in place for employees facing bereavement. Also only 13% of companies offer personal councelling for their recently bereaved staff.




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To read the full article by HR Grapevine visit this link: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/news-2017-02-09-facebook-extends-leave-for-grieving-employees

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