Gender pay gap for celebrity sportsmen & women revealed





Gender pay disparity is an issue that has come under scrutiny a lot recently, and rightly so, you should be paid the same as the opposite sex in the same role who use the same skills as you. Away from every day jobs, how do pay levels stack up? The pay gap still exists in the world of professional sports despite women in this area still being among the best paid individuals in society, they still cannot compete with the men.



The football industry shows the most imbalances, with the salary of a male footballer 250 times larger than their female counterparts. For example Wayne Rooney, captain of England and Manchester United, earns £306,850 a week. Stephanie Houghton, captain of England and Manchester City in the women’s game, earns £1,247 a week.



In athletics the pay gap doesn’t exist in terms of how they are paid for events, for example Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis-Hill both make £466 a week. However Bolt supplements his pay with many more endorsements than Ennis-Hill, earning £24 million compared to her £5 million.



For regular workers in the UK the gender pay gap stands at 13.9%, until we close this it will continue to be a matter to be discussed.







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