Gender pay gap obligations: things employers need to do

Gender pay gap obligations: things employers need to do



Employers need to remember the following 6 key points when publishing and gathering the information required by government to help tackle the gender pay gap between men and women, These obligations will start in April this year, and the first data will then be published in April 2018:


  • The data required to be published will be based on the situation as at 5 April each year and employers will have 12 months to get it collated and published.
  • Mean and median pay gaps need to be calculated.
  • Bonus gaps also need to be calculated and employers must publish the proportion of male and female workers who receive a bonus.
  • The proportion of male and female staff in each pay band must also be published – i.e. from lowest paid quarter to highest paid quarter.
  • Casual/ad hoc staff and some self-employed individuals will have to be included in the data as well as employees.
  • The data needs to be published somewhere accessible, e.g. the employer’s website, but will also be published on the Government’s website.



Although the new rules will only apply to employers with 250+ staff for the time being, smaller employers may well see similar provisions being imposed in the future. It may also be beneficial for smaller employers to undertake this exercise voluntarily, in the interests of transparency and to send a message to their staff that they are serious about closing any gender pay gaps in the workplace.




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