How to hire the right HR Manager for your business

How to hire the right HR Manager for your business


Hiring the correct HR manager is vital for a company and a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. HR news have compiled their list of vital qualities in a candidate for this important role, here’s a taster of some points mentioned.


Keep the Job Description Short and Simple 

You want to attract the best pool of candidates available – so start by focusing the job description on the things that matter most.  Here’s my suggested checklist:

  • Cut unnecessary text and focus on what matters – this will reduce the amount of irrelevant CVs you receive.
  • Consider the duties you will expect your HR Manager to undertake and at what level, and make sure the job description reflects this
  • Highlight the important things, like experience, eligibility, contract, compensation etc.
  • Stress that you are looking for someone with relevant experience, unless you are open to developing someone into the role.
  • If you need specific skills in performance management, training in HR software or experience in automation or so on, you should highlight this.
  • Explain why you are hiring and the benefits of working for your company

Getting the job description right will make the recruitment process more effective, ideally attracting a good pool of suitable candidates with relevant experience.  Discouraging unsuitable applicants early on by being clear and specific saves time, energy and money.




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For the full list of qualities your company needs to look for when hiring a HR manager, please follow this link to the HR News article.


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