How a manager’s mood can impact an employee’s working day





Research by the Institute of leadership & Management has found that many workplace atmospheres are being effected by the managers mood, with issues arising such as favouritism and trust-issues.



In the study which surveyed over 1,200 UK workers, it was found that 50% of leaders allow their mood to impact employees’ work, 40% displayed favouritism and 20% failed to build trust with colleagues. 25% of staff also thought that their office leadership use their career standing for personal gain.

Phil James, CEO at the Institute of Leadership & Management, spoke to HR grapevine about the importance that managers who want to show authentic leadership and how they can achieve this: “Leaders can practice the fundamentals of authentic leadership by being self-aware and making time for self-examination, taking note of lessons learned through challenges, and carefully considering and integrating feedback from others.” For more quotes from Phil James please visit the full article.




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