How are your employees like a firework display

November the 5th is a night of amazement and wonder and is greatly anticipated all year long. Your employees are not actually too dissimilar to a firework display. The biggest difference is, their glow lasts all year round.
Here are 20 ways that your employees are like a fireworks display:
1. Variety makes a good show–They are all unique and different with their own personal glow and needs
2. Consistency is key – A good show attracts repeat audiences much like a good employee aids client retention
3. They work better in a team – The power of a single firework is no match for that of a full display
4. They have massive potential – Once the fuse is lit within them, you can see them explode with a flash of brilliance
5. Watch them glow – The glow of a good employee is clear and apparent when they are excelling in their role
6. They can be explosive – Employee relationships can be volatile and sometimes emotions can run wild within the workplace
7. Don’t leave them alone – It is important to train your employees and follow them through every step of their employment
8. The greatest displays draw people in – Employees with the most to offer to the company will draw in more business
9. Safety is important – Employees need to be handled with the appropriate care and attention, health and safety in the workplace is vital
10. Diversity makes for a good show – Equality, diversity and a variety of employee types makes for a strong workforce
11. Background music can add to their appeal – Like fireworks, a bit of music can add to their impact, boosting motivation and allowing them to dazzle customers
12. Getting the right look is important – Well dressed employees have the same appeal as a well composed firework, looking the part is important
13. Timing is key – Time management is important in both cases for getting the desired outcome.
14. Make sure every firework glows – A single dull firework, like an unhappy employee can have a detrimental effect on the bigger picture.
15. Choosing the right firework is important – You want the cream of the crop. This can be likened to that of the recruitment process.Don’t settle for a dud.
16. Beware of a burnout – An unexpected burnout needs to be dealt with effectively.
17. There can be smoke without fire – Not all workplace issues are instantly recognisable
18. It’s worth keeping water at hand – Extinguish those used sparklers and obsessive habits. 
19. Weather can certainly affect performance – Bad weather is universally disheartening
20. Sometimes stress is a factor – Not everybody loves fireworks and a stressed worker can lose their motivation.
Are your employees like fireworks? Do they shine bright and leave a lasting impression on your clients? Comment below or tweet us @HPC_HRservices

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