HR leaders reveal how they keep their staff happy





Businesses that invest in their staff benefit from as happier and more productive workforce. To keep everyone pulling in the same direction, with a real belief in the company they are representing, it is important that employers treat employee with the importance they deserve; they are the most important resource of any business.



Employee wellbeing correlates with business output so incentive programmes or help with time off are crucial when considering how effective the HR department is.



The Guardian recently spoke to a number of HR leaders across a variety of sectors, giving a valuable insight into their successful strategies.



Another contributor, Ruediger Heim Vice President of HR at CHEP Europe, said: “We invest in staff training through initiatives such as our supply academy and commercial academy and aim to promote from within.” It is important that staff can see a way up the ladder and for progression within their company to be happy with their current role.




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