HR set to be the powerhouse of any business by 2020, according to Samsung


According to new research by Samsung, HR is destined to become the most influential department in the future world of business.

The study defined that by 2020, due to a number of societal and technological changes, HR will be even more elevated in importance to how companies operate. Attention must be given to flexible freelancers, organisations who adapt to their added importance will have bigger opportunities to prosper.

Other issues covered included the rise of technology in the work place but also new ventures that human skills will be used for such as new job categories centering around creativity, human judgement and intuition capabilities. More repetitive tasks will no longer be down to human capabilities, but rather than negative the report sees it as important to liberate workers and give them more chance to show their creative talents.



To handle the complex challenges of integrating this radically different workforce into organisations will require a very adept HR team. Interpreting the new technology landscape will be a core strategic skill for both HR professionals and the businesses they represent.



Understanding the interplay between human and digital worlds will no longer be an optional extra but a core skill that redefines entire organisations, giving HR professionals the opportunity to help define entire corporate strategies and manage internal performance and agility.



Traditional management structures and strategies will also be discarded for a generation of workers who refuse to work in a hierarchical organisation. There will be less of an obsession with structure and process and more focus around business economics and how freelancers can contribute.




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