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Inspiring Inclusion of Women at Work by Tackling Discrimination

Inspiring Inclusion of Women at Work by Tackling Discrimination

In the landscape of the UK workforce, women constitute 44%, a formidable presence that continues to face significant challenges. The journey toward gender equality has seen progress, but glaring issues persist. Research reveals that 45% of British women feel that men have better access to development and career opportunities, highlighting a systemic disparity that needs urgent attention. More needs to be done to promote the inclusion of women both in the workplace and in leadership positions.

In this blog, we explain some areas where women face discrimination in the workplace. We also provide some advice on how to tackle these issues and promote the inclusion of women.

Challenging stereotypes

One prevailing issue is the lingering perception among some employers that men outperform women in certain tasks. This biased viewpoint not only undermines the capabilities of women but also perpetuates an unequal workplace environment. To tackle this, fostering awareness and education on gender equality is essential. Companies can implement training programs to eliminate stereotypes and promote an inclusive workplace culture that values the unique contributions of every individual, irrespective of gender.


Another concerning statistic is that 29% of women in Britain believe that having children would adversely impact their careers. This perception has real-world implications, as returning to work becomes less financially viable due to higher childcare costs. To counter this, employers can implement family-friendly policies, including flexible work hours, remote work options, and affordable childcare services. By supporting working mothers, businesses can ensure a level playing field and retain valuable talent, contributing positively to the overall economy.

Equal pay

Equal pay remains a focal point in the fight against gender discrimination. Despite advancements, a significant wage gap persists. Companies should conduct regular pay equity audits to identify and rectify any wage disparities. Transparent pay structures and policies can create an environment where employees feel confident that their contributions are valued fairly, irrespective of gender.


Harassment, unfortunately, still plagues the workplace for many women. To encourage equality, organisations must prioritise creating safe and respectful environments. Implementing strict anti-harassment policies, offering avenues for reporting, and fostering a culture of zero tolerance for discrimination are crucial steps. Empowering women to speak out without fear of repercussions is essential for dismantling the toxic power dynamics that fuel discrimination.

Women in leadership roles

Encouraging women to pursue leadership roles is another key aspect of fostering equality. Companies can establish mentorship programs, leadership training initiatives, and networking opportunities to help women advance in their careers. By breaking down the barriers to entry and progression, organisations can create a more diverse and inclusive leadership landscape.

In conclusion, achieving gender equality in the workplace is not just a moral imperative; it’s a necessity for the health of our economy. The statistics paint a clear picture of the challenges women face, but proactive measures can dismantle the barriers. By championing equal pay, providing good career opportunities, ensuring accessible childcare, and fostering harassment-free workplaces, the UK can pave the way for a future where women thrive and contribute meaningfully to the workforce. It’s time to break the chains of discrimination and build a workplace that truly values the potential of every individual, regardless of gender.

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