Less than 10 per cent of employees feel comfortable disclosing mental health problems




According to new research by Legal & General just 1 in 10 employees are comfortable talking about mental health to their managers. However 78% of managers believe their staff are comfortable having mental health discussions at work, highlighting a massive lack of awareness for this issue.

4% of the 2,000 employees surveyed had experienced depression, while 5% had anxiety at some point, but felt they could not speak about it to supervisors. Alarmingly 25% felt they were being put under unacceptable pressure at work and 22% had some form of anger issue.

Last November a CIPD and Halogen study found that 47% of staff were uncomfortable discussing mental health issues at work, showing this is a continuing problem that has improved in the last 4 months. Policy advisor for CIPD, Dr Jill Miller, said that: “People need to feel at ease raising issues at work, and trust that they will be supported. Training for line managers needs to cover how to have these kinds of sensitive discussions with members of their team and where to signpost them to help if needed.”

Emma Mamo, head of workplace Wellbeing at Mind, also said: “Too often, we still hear from people being treated differently or even pushed out of their jobs once they’ve disclosed to their boss that they have a mental health problem,” she said. “But people with mental health problems can and do make a valuable contribution to the workplace.”





Last month Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to combat the “hidden injustice” that mental health problems cause us in the UK. Mental health issues cost employers around £30 billion a year, whether it be depression, anxiety or loneliness, it comes in a number of forms and is the number one contributor to resignations.

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Link to full quotations and article by CIPD People Management: http://www2.cipd.co.uk/pm/peoplemanagement/b/weblog/archive/2017/02/20/less-than-10-per-cent-of-employees-feel-comfortable-disclosing-mental-health-problems.aspx

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