managing employees during the euros

Managing employees during the Euros 2024

Managing employees during the Euros 2024

Managing employees during the Euros 2024, like any major event can be a challenge. Employees may be highly engaged, potentially affecting productivity. However, with the right strategies in place, it can be an opportunity to boost morale and foster team spirit. The benefits of embracing the tournament can include an uplift in staff engagement, a chance to build company culture and maintaining productivity throughout the period it is on.

Managing Employees Effectively

Managers and HR professionals will have a responsibility to ensure that this is done in a safe and compliant way. Here are some tips on how to manage employees effectively during the Euro football tournament:

Enhance Flexibility During the Tournament

  • Flexible working hours: Allow employees to adjust their working hours to watch important matches. Consider offering flexi-time for early matches if possible.
  • Remote work options: If possible, enable remote work during the tournament. This can help employees manage their time better and reduce absenteeism.
  • Flexible holiday requests: Consider allowing short-notice holiday requests and approving where viable to accommodate employees who want to watch specific games.

Maintain Productivity

  • Set clear expectations: Communicate clearly about the expectations regarding work performance during the tournament. Make it clear that while watching games is allowed, it should not interfere with critical work tasks for example.
  • Focus on output, not hours: Emphasize productivity and results rather than the number of hours worked. This can help employees feel more relaxed and trusted.
  • Manage unauthorised employee absence: Implement clear policies to address unapproved absences and ensure employees adhere to them during the tournament.

Prioritise well-being and a positive workplace

  • Equal opportunities: Consider and extend flexible work arrangements to fans of all nations, not just home teams.
  • Zero tolerance to discrimination: Make it clear that any harassment linked to the Euros will not be tolerated.  You may want to send an email out to all staff reminding them of this.
  • Support mental health: Be mindful of the stress that might come with balancing work and personal interests. Offer support and resources for mental well-being, including allowing people to take regular breaks.

Strategies to Get the Most Out of the Tournament

There are also some simple strategies that you can put in place to accommodate employee’s enthusiasm for the event whilst protecting the workplace from significant potential disruptions.

Viewing area

Creating a viewing area can encourage team bonding.  Organise a viewing party for key matches and provide snacks and drinks.  This can also be a good way to prevent employees from streaming at their desks and interrupting their workflow during other matches.

Boost employee engagement

Engaging with the tournament could involve arranging football themed activities, organising afriendly office pool or an inter dept mini tournament of your own. This can increase engagement and provide a fun distraction that can actually enhance productivity by boosting morale.

Utilise technology

Utilise new technology, for example collaboration tools to ensure that work continues smoothly, especially if some team members are working flexible hours or remotely. Project management tools can help you to plan and track tasks ensuring that deadlines are met, even if employees are intermittently unavailable.

Using the tournament as an opportunity to celebrate work achievements is a lovely way to recognise staff. You could host a special event or give out awards during or after the tournament.

Effective communication

Finally, and probably most importantly, communicate effectively.  Ensure that staff receive regular updates about work and tournament related activities and that these activities and flexibility options are inclusive and respectful of all employees, including those who may not be interested in football.  Ensure that any changes to staff processes or policies during the tournament are clearly defined and presented, and that start and end dates for the changes are communicated regularly.

By embracing the excitement of the Euros and implementing these strategies, you can maintain a productive and happy workplace while allowing employees to enjoy the event. The key is to find a balance that supports both the business’s needs and the employees’ enthusiasm for the tournament.

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