Managing productivity and engagement within business

Managing productivity and engagement within business


Staff engagement in key in terms of managing productivity within a business, and several HR key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used to monitor productivity and engagement.


Everyone within business knows about the importance of employee engagement, and focusing on building strong bonds and relationships with employees, which is one of the hottest trends within management. |it is well known that happy employees are more loyal and productive, and showing employees that you have a duty of care towards them is critical in building a strong company culture.


However, finding the right methods to increase employee engagement and therefore productivity is anything but a simple task. Even businesses with employee management software struggle as it is extremely difficult to measure your employee’s engagement and productivity levels.


The following are some examples of the most important KPIs to monitor when attempting to build an employee engagement and productivity strategy in order to figure out what matters the most to your employees.


  • Absenteeism – Within business it is expected that every employee will take off a couple of days every year, however pervasive absenteeism is a major threat for companies as it can impact on finances, morale and more. Employees who clearly express that they don’t want to be in the office indicate that there is something wrong.


  • Glassdoor – This website provides a platform for employees to express their feelings for the companies that they are working for, including a star rating system which gives an overall consensus of a business. The Glassdoor score that your business has can have a serious effect when trying to recruit, and the employee feedback given can help when trying to identify things to improve on.


  • Retention – being able to attract and retain the top talent within any industry is a major competitive advantage, however it can easily be cancelled out by having a high turnover of staff. In business many people underestimate the impact that having high turnover can have. Typically to replace a salaried employee costs an employer six to nine months’ pay.


  • Productivity – It can be incredibly difficult to ascertain the root cause for a drop in productivity, however employee engagement is often one of the most crucial factors in work performance. A dip in productivity can be the most obvious sign that the current engagement strategies being used are not working, and a rethink of these may be needed.


  • Holidays – while absenteeism within business can be a massive issue, overworking employees can also be just as problematic in terms of productivity and engagement. If workers within your business are not using their allocated leave allowance, it may indicate that they are being over worked or feel as if they cannot use their days off due to the company culture.


  • Employee workload – different businesses monitor their employee workload in different ways, however no matter what way you measure this, it is vital that you understand the pressures faced by your employees. In order to open lines of communication it is vital that managers and owners schedule regular meetings and one to ones in order for employees to voice their opinions.


  • Customer satisfaction – one of the best ways to find out about your company is by asking customers what their opinion is of the business. This will help with employee engagement and productivity as if your customers are not engaged with your business/brand then more than likely neither will your employees be.


Whilst employee engagement is seen as trending in the world of HR and management, it is not to be taken lightly. Gaining an understanding of how your employees view your company can have a direct correlation to loyalty, productivity and enthusiasm in relation to your business. In order to generate the best results within you business, it is vital the correct employee strategy is in place.


Even though employee engagement can be hard to track and even more difficult to change/improve, it does not mean that there are not more effective ways to improve employee relations and therefore engagement and productivity.


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