“Mental health is the final frontier of medicine that we need to crack”, says Dr Christian Jessen





HR review this week had an exclusive interview with TV’s Dr Christian Jessen, host of shows such as Embarrassing bodies, after Theresa May placed mental health at the top of her government’s agenda. This is seen as a potentially critical time when it comes to ending the stigma attached to discussing this topic in the work place.



As more and more companies begin to bring in their own new procedures to help employees mental wellbeing, Dr Jessen gave illuminating insight into why it is so important that employees have these systems in place. Having a safety net in place to deal with the pressures of work is crucial when trying to avoid stress related absences or illness.



Dr Jessen raised a number of interesting points including stressing the importance of employees using their full allocated holidays as resting both body and the mind is crucial if we are to be as productive as possible. Here’s a small quote from the full article: “I’d like to see HR changing this and encouraging people to take enjoyable, restful holidays without worrying they will miss out on opportunities at work.”


Another issue covered was the provisions businesses take to change attitudes to illness to make employees feel more supported, which can greatly effect the severity and duration of their absence. Making someone feel comfortable enough to seek help is the challenge HR face. Among workers there must also be training given so they can become more aware of the signs of stress and mental fatigue so they can cope better in the work place.

Emphasis was also made on having a good business culture to encourage and engage all employees, meaning productivity can keep improving.




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For the full article and all quotes from Dr Jessen, please visit HR Review on this link: http://www.hrreview.co.uk/analysis/mental-health-final-frontier-medicine-need-crack-says-dr-christian-jensen/103081

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