Millenials thrive best in a culture of recognition, finds study





According to a study released by The O.C. Tanner Institute, Millennials who show an appreciation of their colleagues, known as ‘giving recognition’, have a desire to work harder.



However it’s not only millenials – the study also shows that UK workers who frequently ‘recognise’ their colleagues are more motivated and innovative with greater organisational pride than those workers who ‘never/rarely’ give recognition.



The O.C. Tanner Institute surveyed 3,400 working professionals from countries around the world to better understand the culture of appreciation in the workplace and in particular, to explore how ‘giving recognition’ impacts the giver rather than the receiver. The sample included 406 professionals from the U.K.



The study reveals that 62 per cent of UK millennials say that recognising someone else’s achievements makes them want to work harder. This compares with 41 per cent of UK Generation X workers and just 39 per cent of UK baby boomers.



Ian Feaver, Director of O.C. Tanner UK, comments,

“Millennials are known for craving instant recognition and gratification for themselves, however this study shows that they also feed-off recognising their co-workers, more so than any other group. Organisations need to acknowledge this phenomenon, encouraging their millennial employees to ‘give recognition’ as part of a culture of appreciation.”



In addition, those workers who appreciate their colleagues on a regular basis are:

  • Highly motivated – 86 per cent of UK employees who noted that they ‘always’ give recognition are highly motivated to contribute to the success of their organisations. This contrasts starkly with the 46 per cent of UK employees who ‘never/rarely’ give recognition being highly motivated to contribute to the success of their organisations.
  • 48 per cent more innovative than those UK employees who ‘never/rarely’ give recognition.
  • Very proud of their organisations – 79 per cent of UK employees who noted they ‘always’ give recognition to co-workers are proud to tell others they work for their organisations. This compares with just 51 per cent of UK employees who ‘never/rarely’ give recognition being proud to tell others that they work for their organisations.



Feaver adds,

“The evidence clearly points to the importance of organisations nurturing a culture of recognition, not only for the recipients’ sake but also for the givers.”

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