Morning motivation – 10 top tips for getting you out of bed in the morning

Getting out of bed is never particularly easy, especially in these colder months. You may often find that you have to drag, bully or even bribe yourself out of bed in the morning ahead of commuting into work. Here’s our list of 10 ways that you can make getting out of bed in the morning that little bit easier.

  1. Don’t rob yourself of precious sleep – Cutting your TV time short and turning in early is going to do you a world of wonders. Getting that 6-8 hours your body needs is going to allow you to hop out of bed each morning with a spring in your step, even if you do have to sacrifice precious Netflix binging of a night.
  2. Let there be light – Don’t be dressing yourself in the dark. Turn on the light, or let in the sun (if it’s one of the few months we see it of a morning). Shuffling about in the dark will soon see you slipping back into bed for an extra five minutes…or an hour.
  3. Set your daily goals – Before you even start your day, it’s useful to know what you want to achieve that day. Setting these goals will keep you motivated on task throughout the day, from start to finish.
  4. Exercise – Yes, dreaded exercise. Whether it be a few stretches, a jog or some yoga, a little light exercise will wake your body up and get your blood pumping.
  5. Exercise your mind – Get your creative juices flowing early. Reading a chapter of a book, the newspaper or maybe even a glossy gossip mag will wake up your brain and prepare you for the day ahead.
  6. Be positive – You may not want to get out of bed, but stop and think about the great things your day has to offer once you’re up and out in the world. You may struggle to separate yourself from the comfort of your pillow, but doing so with optimism will set you up for a fantastic day.
  7. Bribe yourself – If you know you struggle to leave your bed in the morning, give yourself a reason to. Whether it be a mouthwatering breakfast or a large mug of coffee waiting to perk you up, find something you want to wake up to.
  8. Have so ‘me’ time – Starting your day in a rush is going to set you up for a day of panicked, frantic rushing and stress as you’ll always feel like your one step behind. Waking up just half an hour earlier than usual will allow you to set the pace for the day, giving you time to undergo your morning routine at your leisure.
  9. Plan ahead – Having your work wear prepared and ready before you go to bed will be a massive weight off of your shoulders in the morning. Allowing you to roll out of bed, shower and slip into crisp, clean clothes without having to frantically iron your outfit in a rush in the am.
  10. Laugh – Find something to make you laugh in the morning. Watch TV, listen to the radio or simply read a joke. Starting the day with a smile is the best way to get you out of bed and into the world.

What’s your morning routine? What gets you out of bed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @HPC_HRservices

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