On the eleventh day of Christmas, my employee brought to me…Gifts to and from suppliers

Christmas is the perfect time for suppliers to deliver branded mouse mats and calendars.  It is also a time when employees are invited out to lunch or dinner by suppliers or potential suppliers.  Indeed, your business may hold its own event for clients.

Whilst the newly introduced Bribery Act does not currently cover the receipt of tacky office stationary and desk toys, a lunch or dinner or even a few drinks at a bar could well fall under its remit, especially if the supplier is just about to tender to you or vice versa.

If you haven’t already done so, introduce a Bribery policy to identify your checking protocols. If you already have a policy in place, circulate it to remind employees of your processes.  Fora refresher on the key points of the Bribery Act click here (ensure you are logged into the

CIPD website).

If your business does not allow for the receipt of gifts in general e.g. the healthcare profession, it would be helpful to remind employees of your stance at this time of the year and to provide advice on how they can politely decline gifts.  Offer employees the opportunity to discuss the matter so that they do not simply accept the gifts because it is easier to do so.

The Christmas countdown in drawing to a close, check back tomorrow for the 12th and final day of our 12 days of Christmas.

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