On the third day of Christmas, my employee brought to me…Seasonal Staff and Agency Workers

Some businesses are at their busiest time during December and therefore temporarily employ additional staff to cover the period.  This flexible approach to managing workflow peaks and troughs makes perfect business sense.

Just because you’re appointing fixed term or casual staff, don’t be lapse with your procedures.  Undertake all the necessary pre-employment checks even though you’re not appointing on a permanent basis.  There is still a requirement to check eligibility to work and their legal status.  “They weren’t here long” will not be a defence.

It is best practice to provide basic terms and conditions even if the appointment is for less than two months. In fact, it demonstrates professionalism on your part and clearly identifies terms and conditions, making the relationship between you and your casual employee transparent.  It will also avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings that inevitability lead to disputes.

Remember also that these employees are your responsibility whilst they are undertaking work for you so make sure that you provide then with suitable induction, training and all the necessary health and safety provisions.

If using agency workers, do not forget that the Agency Workers Regulations have changed agency workers entitlements.

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