peopleHUB October – Planning for your Post-Covid future

We hosted peopleHUB’s most recent webinar ‘Planning for your Post-Covid Future’ on Wednesday via Zoom. Our MD, Victoria Brown and HR Consultant, Lauren Long were our panel of HR experts this week. They answered a number of questions surrounding the topic of recovery and planning for your Post-Covid future. There were many great discussions on how employers need to proactively make some changes to their HR processes in order to survive and succeed.


We covered questions involving how to make redundancies without facing employment tribunal claims, to what good initiatives employers could implement to support their workforce and uphold engagement. As well as this, following World Mental Health Day last Saturday our panel offered suggestions of ways to promote health and wellbeing for their employees through activities and free-training that is available. In addition, our team provided professional guidance on a number of common issues that employers are currently faced with. Such as how to treat staff who are returning from furlough after a long period of time off.


If you missed out on this webinar, do not worry. It was recorded and you can watch this over on our YouTube channel. Please keep your eyes peeled for our next webinar and other exciting upcoming events.


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