Phased retirement better for wellbeing




Employers are being urged to be more supportive of their employees entering retirement, particularly in regards to the timing and control individuals have on the decision.

Wellbeing and mental health is effected greatly by this control, older workers should be given the opportunity of a ‘bridge’ job to make it a slower phased process into retirement, according to the What Works Centre for Wellbeing who have conducted supporting research through a number of universities.

Those in poor health or with a lack of employment prospects are in a vulnerable position, many cannot afford to be suddenly retired, the time afforded to them is crucial to their mental wellbeing and later stages of life. It is as important as a decent pension provision when considering their quality of life.

Nancy Hey, director of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, said “Policy needs to reflect the changing patterns and ways of working, and how that impacts how, why and when we retire. A sudden shift from employed to retired isn’t working.”




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