SHOCKING levels of workplace stress as some employees turn to meds, survey finds

SHOCKING levels of workplace stress as some employees turn to meds, survey finds



New research has revealed that a concerning proportion of the UK workforce are having to turn to medicine to combat workplace pressures.



The data, from Specialists4Protection, found that 46% of employees feel more stressed at work than they did a year go. On top of this, a staggering 17% of employees claim their workplace stress levels are “much higher” than they were 12 months ago.



Amongst these stressed employees, almost one in six have taken medical advice as a result of stressful work. Almost one in ten (13%) are taking medication, partly as a result of employment pressures.



Speaking about the results, Paul Litster, Managing Director at, said: “Our findings are very concerning. It’s not only the individuals who are suffering here but also their employers, and the wider nation as a whole, as the pressure on our NHS and health services increases. “Employee stress and sickness is already at crisis levels and, as the problem gets worse, it’s a ticking time-bomb.”



The most regularly cited reasons behind the worrying rise in workplace stress include: being asked to do more under a current role; the organisation, as a whole, being under financial strain; line managers are not doing their job; they are working much longer hours. This has resulted in extra sick days being taken. 45% of employees who feel more stressed at work have taken at least two extra days off work sick as a result.




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