Starbucks upgrades its Mental Health Benefits.

Starbucks upgrades its Mental Health Benefits.

Among all of the expectations and desires of the modern workforce, a survey shows that mental health programs and benefits are the top of their wish list.


This does not come as shock. A study completed by ‘National Business Group on Health’ found that from 2,200 employees, 27% of them felt strongly about improving the support they provide for mental health.


So how are some of the largest companies in the world improving mental health support and awareness in the workplace?


Forbes magazine lists Starbucks as the 351st largest company in the world. With over 300,000 staff in 30,000 different locations, Starbucks has an important role to play in making sure they look after their employee’s mental health.



Have you ever suffered?

NBGH, a company that helps improve health benefit programs within a business, recently carried out a ‘Workplace Well-Being and Employee Experience’ survey. The survey outlined that two in five employees need advice on how to deal with burnouts at work, whilst close to a quarter need more guidance on they can manage a healthy work-life balance, become more resilient and improve their sleep.


The CEO of NBGH Brian Marcotte states, “We know that many employers will include anti-stigma campaigns and training for managers to help recognize mental health issues and assist employees accordingly,” he adds. “Employers will increasingly adopt other tactics, including bringing counsellors on-site, offering virtual and digital counselling, and reducing medication co-pays.”


HPC recently had the opportunity to speak with Gavin Sherratt who is the CEO of Liverpool based company software development company Mashbo. Mashbo features many of the initiatives Brian Marcotte has already spoken about. If you would like to read the case study HPC completed on Mashbo’s mental health program please click (Here).



The Bigger Picture.

A survey on the 610 largest U.S. employers found that the number of employers planning to introduce sleep and relaxation apps to support staff has risen from 27% in 2020 to an expected 53% in 2021 and the monitoring of employees stress level will increase from 16% to 53% in 2021.


This commitment to improving mental health support not only improves employees’ lives but also can improve business efficiency. By supporting employees’ mental health it will encourage a positive shift on work ethic, motivation, and overall performance.



What is our favourite barista bar doing then?

In 2020 Starbucks became one of the largest employers to add the popular online app HeadSpace‘ into its mental health benefit resources.


Headspace focuses on meditation through an online platform, which provides sessions of guided meditation to assist users with mindfulness. According to a Starbucks press release, research shows meditation has many mental-health-related benefits.


If you would like any further information on Mashbo or Starbuck’s mental health benefits please see the links below.


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