Tribunal win ‘shows dangers of not respecting retirement wishes’

Tribunal win ‘shows dangers of not respecting retirement wishes’

An accountant who was pushed into retirement against their wishes has received £182,000 for age discrimination from a tribunal.

John peters, from Liverpool, argued that Rock Oil had unfairly dismissed him in an attempt to make the 69 year old retire from his position at the company. Legal experts are now warning companies that they will face hefty payouts should they engage in similar practices.

The Warrington based lubricant company counter claimed that they sacked Mr Peters of conduct issues, but the tribunal sided with the veteran employee based on evidence such as the hiring of a replacement in quick succession of him being asked to step down.

Mr Peters was also forced into a lengthy period of sick leave, which they didn’t aid his return from, following work related stress from hostile meetings with management. During this leave he was lied to about his bonus, refused to provide him with information to defend himself against their charges and asked to return his company car.

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