Report finds that UK manufacturers need EU nationals in their workforce

Report finds that UK manufacturers need EU nationals in their workforce

A report by manufacturers’ organisation EEF have found that 64% of UK manufacturers recruit from Europe because there is not enough suitably qualified UK applicants for roles. Over three-quarters of businesses in this sector employ at least one EU worker.


European nationals make up around 11% of the UK manufacturing workforce, and as well as being more qualified the organisations surveyed pointed out a better work ethic and foreign language skills.


Larger companies in Greater London, the South East and East Midlands rely most on these exported workers nationally. The impact of Brexit is still limited, only 16% of respondents said EU nationals were leaving their business. The report stated it would be “significantly damaging” if Brexit meant that restrictions to EU nationals were the same as those enforced on non-EU workers.


They also urged clarification on UK workers’ rights in Europe. Prime minister Theresa May has proposed a new ‘UK settled status’ for EU citizens already living in the UK, a similar deal could be reached with the EU for UK citizens abroad. The EEF aired a number of concerns, another being that they encourage the government to allow EU students studying in the UK to apply for Jobs here once they complete their studies.

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