Skill Gap

Post-Leave Britain and the Skills’ Gap

Post-Leave Britain and the Skills’ Gap


A recent report by those bean-counters at Deloitte found that the UK remains an attractive place to work for highly-skilled overseas workers, but, following Brexit, it argues that a measured immigration approach will be required.


The survey found that, of the 2242 EU and non-EU workers, around 90% found the UK remains attractive or, for those currently outside of Britain, they would consider moving here.




  • 94% of highly-skilled non-EU citizens are the most likely to choose moving to the UK
  • 83% of highly-skilled EU citizens say the same
  • 79% of less-skilled EU nationals and
  • 93% of non-EU nationals would consider moving to the UK
  • for those based outside the UK, the UK ranked as the most desirable place to work


However, 48% of migrant workers already in the UK consider the country as less attractive as a result of Brexit, compared to only 21% of workers outside the UK.


While the UK remains a highly attractive place to work for people from with the EU and beyond, there are of course political and economic uncertainties. And so, while more people are attracted to live and work in the UK than anywhere else in the world (9 out of 10 would consider moving to the UK) there is an undercurrent of thought – more so amongst those who live here already – that do raise doubts, and there is a real unsettled feel as the Brexit negotiations take centre-stage.


And that still leaves the issue of (mainly EU) overseas workers, who say they are more likely to leave the UK post-Brexit. This will no doubt mean a short to medium term skills deficit (which was never denied by even the most ardent pro-Brexit campaigner). This- can be met in part by up-skilling the domestic workforce while at the same time, ensuring the immigration system is altered so that it actually works for the country.


All that said, the UK’s cultural freedoms, relative prosperity, diversity, employment opportunities and quality of life are assets that will always attract the world’s best and brightest people.



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