Updated Timescales for responding to a subject access request.

Updated Timescales for responding to a subject access request.

As of the 15th of August 2019 the Court of Justice for the European Union as announced by the ICO, has updated the guidance provided on the correct timescales when responding to a data subject access request.


A data subject access request is simply a written request made by an employee to their employer to access their personal data, the reasons it is being processed and if it will be given to any other companies.


The EU Court of Justice has recently changed the timescale of responding to a subject access request (SAR) from the day after receiving the (SAR) to the day of receiving the (SAR).


For example if the (SAR) is received on the 27th of August, the time limit will start from that day rather than the following day. For this example the company has until the 27th of September to complete the request.


If it is not possible to complete the request due to there not being a corresponding calendar date next month, the response date would be on the last day of the following month. Similarly if the corresponding date falls on a public holiday or a weekend, the response date is the following working day.


The Court of Justice for the EU changes to the timescale on when to respond to a (SAR) will vary depending on the month the request was made in. It is important to take care to respond to the request on the correct date.


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