Valentines Day in the workplace – Dos and don’ts

Valentines in the workplace – Dos and don’ts


As you would expect, as an outsourced HR provider we aren’t big proponents of workplace romance and lovey-dovey co-workers. What we do love is being able to celebrate the successes within your business, adopting the valentines spirit can be a great way to celebrate small successes and boost the morale in your workplace.


We aren’t suggesting you have your employees scribble out cards to their co-workers but suggesting that you instead use the good vibes and boosted spirits that the day offers us an opportunity to strengthen working relationships with your business.

We’ve compiled a little list of some dos and don’ts that can make Valentine’s Day in the workplace a roaring success.



Let’s start with what your employees shouldn’t be doing:



Say no to selective gift-giving –  Sitting at your desk watching others get showered with gifts can be a real drag, as an employer’s it’s important to understand that if you’re going to provide a valentines treat, it should be inclusive of all the employees in your workplace. Feeling left out isn’t going to boost an employees spirits.



Do not give out inappropriate gifts – There is no place for bold and extravagant declarations of passion in the workplace, this applies to gifting also. It is unprofessional and will reflect badly upon the company and management.



Do not be inappropriate – It being Valentine’s Day does not justify any lewd workplace behaviour. February 14th does not provide a free pass for inappropriate touching, conduct or language in the workplace. As an employer, it is important that all employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace; inappropriate behaviour can violate this safety.



Now that the negatives are out of the way, here are the ways that you can utilise Valentines for good:



Do remind your clients that you appreciate their custom – Whether it be on the phone, through social media or face-to-face, using this day to show some love and appreciation to your clients can bolster company-client relations, reflect well upon your workforce and boost your company image.



Do celebrate your employee’s achievements – Spread the love by congratulating your employees on their individual achievements as well as an entire team, focus on the positives and really drive up your company morale. Showing some appreciation and celebrating small successes will put a long-lasting smile on the faces of your employees.



Do have a party – We are not suggesting you rent out a function room and dance the night away, more that you dress up the workplace, pipe in some soothing music and create a happy, warm vibe that everyone can enjoy. Suggest that your employees bring in sweets, desserts and treats that they can all share at lunch. Creating a positive working environment will make everybody feel loved.


Have you ever celebrated Valentine’s Day in your workplace? Do you think it has a place at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @HPC_HRservices


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