What benefits can you introduce to keep your employees happy and loyal to your business?





The most important resource in your business is your staff; without productive and skilled employees no company would be successful. However although your workforce may be working ‘fine’, there are a number of initiatives that could be introduced and/or improved that can really give your people the peace of mind they need to work to the best of their capabilities.



Flexible working days/hours:

This is crucial, the balance between work and home life is normally the biggest factor anyone will take into account when they consider a change of job. Add into this the demand or need some employees will have for over-time, for example they could be saving up for a holiday and really value any extra hours you can give them. Some will have children and need that flexibility, if you give them that then they won’t risk leaving for somewhere that perhaps doesn’t give them it; the key is to provide stability and reliability. It also doesn’t cost the business anything if implemented correctly, it could actually be the key to getting more from your staff hours wise.



Childcare vouchers:

If you go online you will find a range of schemes that can provide this service for your employees through you. They are also tax-efficient so provide savings for both the company and staff. It is key, especially when your employees have families, that you are a child friendly business who promotes family values. Staff can have a weight off their mind in the knowledge that there kids are safe and being looked after while they are at work.



Free food and drink:

Providing the basic needs for your employees will really boost morale. Well fed employees are more productive and also will have a better outlook on the company, ‘they take care of me, so I’ll work hard for them.’ The outlay doesn’t need to be particularly heavy as Fresh fruit, water and coffee are favourites because they provide a source of energy, vitamins and hydration that is needed throughout the day.



Income Protection:

Provide your employees with financial piece of mind, especially in the current economic climate this can be a huge worry for staff especially those with families or people they need to support. In surveys employees feel very strongly about this issue and basic income protection insurance can come quite cheaply, so it is an easy and low-level expenditure that can have great results on company morale.




This has always been a very highly regarded benefit and the law around pensions should always be fully researched by businesses. A law on ‘auto enrolment’ means that every company must provide employees with some type of pension scheme. This really puts employees at ease, particularly those thinking about the next phase of their life. Shopping around for the best provider of the schemes is also important as it must suit the size and type of your business.



Office set up:

Is the environment your employees are working as well constructed as it could be? Make the most of the space provided at your office, not just for convenience but to make the room more open and free-flowing. The effectiveness of the working environment is statistically proven to have an effect on productivity, natural light is also a key factor that every office needs plenty of.




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