What HR can learn from IT




In a guest blog for HRnews.co.uk IT expert Ryan van Biljon has outlined how HR departments can make better use of the technology available to them.


In summary the article focuses on the fact that IT departments are renowned for their efficiency when dealing with employee issues, compared to the outdated and slower methods of Human resource departments generally. Key points call for modernisation of these methods which is the crucial factor in dealing with this issue.


Request from employees, e.g. for time off, can sometimes take days to be responded to and many will find themselves having to chase up requests later on. This effects job satisfaction and in turn the productivity of distracted employees, company leaders need to improve the automation of their services and begin to streamline these processes. Quicker turnarounds can ensure employee needs are met quickly and efficiently.


As more automated and computerised services come into HR departments we will see changes in the way management runs companies.



To read full article go to HR.co.uk on this link: http://hrnews.co.uk/hr-can-learn/

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