What qualities does the modern employee need to possess?







Our last blog post focused on how managers can get the best out of their employees, but how can workers be the best they can be in the modern working world? Technology and rapidly changing industries change the demands placed on employees and skills they need. Here are some of the crucial talents the ideal employee must have in the 2017 workplace;



Be adaptable –

Employees these days cannot grow accustomed to a certain way of doing things, because things are rapidly changing all the time. New technologies for instance are coming into the work place more and more, upping efficiency and communication, if you do not adapt to using them particularly if you are an older employee, you could fall behind younger employees accustomed to them. They can improve your ability to socially interact and collaborate, among other things, so embrace changes and use them to your advantage.


Communicate with your management –

Do not be scared to speak out, suggest and communicate with management and with other colleagues. As mentioned in the paragraph above, technology is allowing us to be collaborative more so than ever and your opinions can really have an impact in the work place more so than ever before. You can demonstrate leadership, especially if it a subject you care about and/or are very knowledgeable on, this can impress your supervisors and gain you respect. Take the lead when you can and, if you feel strongly on something, always vocalise it.


Independence –

The working world is more autonomous than ever now, employees rarely have a manager breathing down their neck telling them to get on with work. This added freedom though does require discipline, you must have direction and know what you are working on and towards. Make sure you are always aware just how much you have achieved throughout a day, week and month etc. This new way organisations work can have effects at both ends of the scale regarding productivity and you should not take advantage of your bosses trust in you to work without having to be coaxed constantly.


Help colleagues out

You will achieve much less without the help of others, your colleagues can help you reach goals and add to any good ideas you might have. Someone else can see a completely different picture to you and this can help you see issues that might arise when you alone missed them. Share feedback, documents that can help others projects, ideas and make your attitude for work become infectious to those around you. This helpfulness can help you make a name for yourself at work and you’ll be known as a trustworthy person.



In the modern workplace you must be able to multi-task, filter out what is crucial at the moment and what isn’t. You must have the focus to work intelligent and efficiently, prioritising is necessary and try to keep personal distractions to a minimum. Don’t spend all day messaging people on your phone!

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