Why apprentices are becoming more employable than graduates





The shift in employers perceptions of apprenticeships has been a theme of the changing business world over the past few years. Apprentices are now, for many, more employable than graduates. This fact means many young people are favouring this route into their chosen profession over a degree.



They more securely guarantee employment after placement and for the business they have someone who they know has the right skills and reliability. Rather than being educated in a classroom they gain experience in the workplace and don’t need to adapt, employers will always favour this first hand experience.



Graduates, although educated, often need training on specific areas that they won’t have tackled in University. Apprentices offer industry knowledge that is completely relevant to their career, all in all the lesser settling in period is a massive bonus for employers.



Apprentices are already used to the workplace so they know the ins and outs of work, graduates may not as they are used to the set holidays and study time provided in education. They are not used to your particular work schedule and for some graduates this is a shock to the system, they may not have the same discipline when it comes to this area. Apprentices can also progress quicker within the company because of these factors meaning the business can promote from within.








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Link to article on apprenticeships on HR news website: http://hrnews.co.uk/apprentices-becoming-employable-graduates/

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