Why employees quit, and how employers can keep them




A study by Glassdoor Economic Research, named ‘Why Do Workers Quit?’, has found that employees who stay In the same role too long are more likely to leave their employers rather than move to another role within the company.

Other important factors on the likelihood of a staff member resigning where; levels of employee satisfaction, better opportunities for career advancement, the quality of the employer’s culture and pay. Factors such as work-life balance, senior leadership, benefits and the quality of compensation had no major statistical impact on employee turnover.

AS well as helping a company attract employees to apply for jobs at their company,a  strong company brand also helps businesses retain employees who have been at the company for over 12 months. Company culture is a strong theme in truly successful businesses.

When making a job transition it is important employees are given an appropriate pay increase, according to these statistics the increase should be around 5%, this base amount will keep employees happy and productive in their new role within the business, rather than seek a fresh challenge.

Job stagnation remains the main contributing factor to high staff turnover, staff staying in the same role for over 15 months are considered to go up the percentages when it comes to resignation.





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Link to full article with more in-depth statistical coverage of the study, please visit HRnews.co.uk: http://hrnews.co.uk/employees-quit-employers-can-keep/

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